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Marlins steal potential Yankees’ Gary Sanchez replacement in trade with Pirates

The Marlins and Pirates hooked up for a trade involving catcher Jacob Stallings, who some saw as a replacement for Gary Sanchez with the Yankees.

The Pirates found a way to decrease some payroll, while the Marlins received a Gold Glove catcher on the cheap. Everyone wins!

Well, minus the New York Yankees.

The Yankees could move on from Gary Sanchez shortly, should they non-tender him. Yet, Stallings was seen as an obvious replacement should that occur. Rather than picking up the Gold Glover for relatively cheap, New York sat on their hands.

Meanwhile, the Yankees have barely spent a dime in free agency, as they wait out the market in hopes it comes down a bit before they fill their obvious holes, including shortstop.

Jacob Stallings trade grade: Who won?

Stallings is a Gold Glove caliber player, and the Marlins got him for Zach Thompson and prospects. Thompson is 28 years old, and coming off a season in which he pitched to a sub-4 ERA. The Pirates will surely find a way to use him. He started 14 games, but can also be used as a long reliever.

Ben Cherington appears convinced that a Pirates’ tear-down is necessary, yet he continues to hold on to Bryan Reynolds, perhaps the best remaining trade piece he has. Will the Pirates extend Reynolds? That remains to be seen.

The Marlins, meanwhile, were able to pick up Stallings, who will make just under $3 million in 2022 and then enters the first of three years of arbitration, depending on the new CBA.

This feels like a clear win for Miami, which is quietly having a very productive offseason.

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