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Freddie Freeman rumors: How does MLB lockout impact Braves?

How does the MLB lockout impact the Atlanta Braves, and their pursuit of Freddie Freeman? Surprisingly, it can only help.

The Braves now have weeks — potentially months — to figure out what to do with the likes of Freddie Freeman and Marcell Ozuna. While the former remains a free agent and is likely to head back to the ATL eventually, a video of Ozuna choking his wife was released via TMZ just last week.

While we knew the charges against Ozuna, and the fact that his suspension was taken care of last season, the video is new, at least to the public. The Braves could choose to move on from Ozuna if they’d rather not face the backlash.

Braves: How does lockout impact Freddie Freeman?

Freeman was unlikely to come down on his asking price — which was essentially what the Braves were offering, but an extra year to make it a six-year deal — before the lockout. Now, considering MLB free agency may be out of service for months, he has a lot of time to mull over his decision.

With a potentially limited amount of time to agree to a contract, it can only help the Braves and Freeman get a deal done. That’s less time for negotiations, and the bizarre side-effects and reporting that comes from it.

So, we won’t be reporting more of this anytime soon:

Expect the two sides to agree to a deal shortly after the lockout. Time off could benefit the Braves, as Freeman will be eager to report to spring training and start his preseason regimen in just a matter of months.

Or, perhaps they’re at risk of losing him to the Yankees if Freeman wises up and gets tired of the Braves playing games.

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