Fernando Tatis Jr. involved in motorcycle accident last weekend

Fernando Tatis Jr. reportedly was involved in a motorcycle accident over the weekend, but the star slugger is doing just fine. 

There’s plenty of panic among the San Diego Padres fanbase following the news that Fernando Tatis Jr. was involved in a motorcycle accident. What in the world? According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Tatis was in his native Dominican Republic when the incident occurred.

It’s unknown what vehicle Tatis was in at the time of the accident. He was taken to a medical center to receive some treatment, but the injuries have been deemed as not serious. This of course is tremendous news.

Fernando Tatis Jr. accident wasn’t serious at all

When folks in San Diego heard about this, they of course were concerned. Any time a player is involved in something like this, people will fear the worst. Fortunately, Tatis really is doing just fine and he appears to have been able to walk away with this without any big-time injuries.

So, there should be no focus about him being not ready to rock for spring training and the start of the 2022 season. Tatis is coming off a spectacular year, as he hit 42 homers in 2021. This was tops in the National League.

Thus far, Tatis has lived up to the hype after he signed his head-turning 14-year, $340 million contract with San Diego. Because of the MLB lockout, however, the Padres haven’t been able to release any kind of comment on Tatis’ status.

With the San Diego Union-Tribune reporting that Tatis has been able to return to normal activities after the accident, though, it’s clear that this was just a scary situation and nothing more. Come the start of 2022, Tatis will be ready to put on a show once again for San Diego and hope to get the team to the postseason.

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