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MLB rumors: Freddie Freeman’s friction with Braves, interest in Dodgers explained

What’s the issue with Freddie Freeman and the Braves? And why might he consider a move to the Los Angeles Dodgers instead? Make it make sense!

The overwhelming majority of MLB pundits expect Freeman and the Braves to come to an agreement, though one front office member even went as far as to call the fact that the two sides remained stagnant before the lockout a ‘slap in the face.’

Now, with enough time allowed to pass due to a lack of CBA negotiations, emotions will fester. Freeman wants a six-year deal. The Braves would rather keep it at five. A relatively small gap on the surface remains a canyon-sized crevice in reality.

The Braves dragged their feet pre-lockout because a new CBA could greatly impact the luxury tax, and how they may want to pursue a long-term contract with a player over the age of 30. Whether he admits it or not, Alex Anthopoulos is afraid of how Freeman will age in his late-30’s. They don’t want a Miguel Cabrera contract on their hands.

Freddie Freeman Dodgers interest explained

The Dodgers feel they can move Max Muncy over the second base, where there will be a vacancy after losing Corey Seager in free agency. Former second baseman Trea Turner will now move over to his natural position, shortstop, at least for the next few seasons.

Freeman is a natural fit in southern California, as he was born in Villa Park. At just 32 years old, the Dodgers have enough available funds to take a chance on a player on Freeman, hoping to cash in on however many remaining MVP-caliber seasons he has left, and allow the California native to return home.

The Braves run a very real risk of losing Freeman if they don’t act immediately when the lockout ends. As for the Dodgers, they’re playing with house money.

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