Marcus Stroman defends Cubs, makes sad Yankee fan eat it on Twitter

Chicago Cubs Marcus Stroman is already putting on for his city, and willing to defend it on social media against angry New York sports fans.

Despite the fact that the players and owners are in the midst of a lockout, the love between Stroman and the Cubs — his new home once the two sides finally agree to a new collective bargaining agreement — is everlasting.

Stroman and the Cubs agreed to a contract just before the lockout, seemingly at the proverbial buzzer. The deal will play Stroman at least $71 million over the next three years.

On social media, Stroman has been swarmed with requests from Cubs fans for free tickets, and often congratulated for signing such a rich contract with a franchise that is quite wealthy in history itself.

This is why, when a Yankees fan tried to come at Stroman and the Cubs, the right-handed pitcher was having none of it.

Cubs: Marcus Stroman is clear ace of Cubs rotation

Stroman and Kyle Hendricks will make up the top-2 of the Cubs new-look rotation. After that, Chicago still needs to do some work.

By no means does this make the Cubs a contender, but the 2022-23 free agent class doesn’t look nearly as competent as this year’s. So, if Jed Hoyer and Co. have any intent on contending in the next couple of seasons, even, they’d be better served to add those high-caliber players now than in the distant future.

Stroman pitched to a 3.02 ERA last season, just one statistic that helped him earn all $71 million of his free agent deal this offseason. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, either. Cubs fans, you’re going to love this guy.

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