Astros uncertainty over Justin Verlander contract finally put to bed

While there was some confusion about the status of the contract between Justin Verlander and the Houston Astros, it looks like that’s been resolved.

The deal between the Houston Astros and Justin Verlander is finally official. With the timing of the lockout and when the contract was submitted and signed, there was a bit of debate about whether or not the deal was valid under the previous collective bargaining agreement or if it was signed after the CBA expired.

However, it appears as if the Astros’ deal with Verlander is valid and set and all good.

According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, the contract was formally approved by Major League Baseball despite the current lockout.

According to Jon Heyman, Rob Manfred’s office approved the contract after discussing the matter with the MLB Player’s Association. In a tweet, Heyman explained that the contract was apparently signed before the CBA expired.

That means the Astros and Verlander are good to go.

Houston Astros free agency: Justin Verlander deal approved despite MLB lockout

The timing of all of this will almost certainly be controversial to some, but that’s likely going to be chalked up to the way some feel about the Astros and Verlander for reasons that are completely unrelated to the matter at hand.

The Astros now have one of the most talented (and experienced) pitchers in baseball officially back on their payroll for the upcoming season. The contract with Verlander is a risky one given his age and the fact that he’s returning after recovering from surgery, but he’s still remarkably talented and valuable to this team.

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