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MLB rumors: Cubs and Padres discussed Eric Hosmer trade last summer

The Chicago Cubs nearly took on Eric Hosmer’s contract from the San Diego Padres last summer in a trade that would’ve netted them a prospect.

Hosmer is one of the worst contracts the Padres have to offer, and A.J. Preller was hoping to lessen their looming luxury tax penalty, so he was made available. Overall, the Padres first baseman is still a serviceable MLB player, but not at his current price of eight years and $144 million.

The 33-year-old won’t become a free agent until 2026, so he’s on the books for $13 million a year until then. San Diego hasn’t always been a popular free agent destination, which is why the Padres offered Hosmer said deal in the first place when the Royals let him walk.

San Diego is interested in adding to their arsenal, but they sit close to the $210 million luxury tax number, meaning they’d be liable for a tax penalty.

Cubs rumors: Why didn’t Chicago take on Eric Hosmer?

The Cubs would’ve received a high-profile prospect along with Hosmer, but in doing so they would’ve added a player they didn’t need in the veteran first baseman, and forced more money on their books.

Considering the Ricketts’ family has been shedding payroll left and right, it doesn’t make much sense to add Hosmer to the mix. It’s also possible that the Padres wanted a proven veteran in return, such as former San Diego prospect Anthony Rizzo, who was available on the trade market at the time.

Hosmer has slashed .264/.323/.415 in his four seasons as a Padre, making his contract undesirable for San Diego. Expect Preller to continue shopping his contract, and attaching assets to it, in hopes of getting Hosmer off the books.

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