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MLB rumors: Freddie Freeman ‘growing impatient’ with Braves over contract drama

Freddie Freeman is reportedly “growing impatient” with the Atlanta Braves in his free agency.

Though the players are still locked out by MLB, patience seems to be wearing thin on perennial All-Star first baseman Freddie Freeman and his decision to return to the Atlanta Braves.

With the Los Angeles Dodgers losing both shortstop Corey Seager and starting pitcher Max Scherzer in free agency, they have reportedly turned their attention to the Orange County native and 2020 NL MVP. Freeman may have grown up cheering for the Los Angeles Angels, but a return to Southern California could potentially be in play for the 32-year-old future baseball hall of famer.

According to David Vassegh of AM 570, Freeman has reportedly grown frustrated with the Braves over this unnecessary contract drama. This could potentially lead to Freeman switching NL allegiances and joining the Boys in Blue for the last third of his big-league career.

“The Dodgers have now pivoted towards Orange County’s own Freddie Freeman,” said Vassegh. “They are engaged in talks right now. What makes this all the more interesting is that Freddie Freeman, from my understanding of people close to him, he has grown very impatient with the Atlanta Braves. Because the Atlanta Braves were taking the strategy of waiting to see where the market goes before offering him a contract.”

“So to my knowledge, the Braves still have not formally offered Freddie Freeman any sort of free agent contract, which has made him grown impatient. And when a door closes, there’s another one that opens, and Andrew Friedman usually steps right through it.”

What are the chances Freeman has played his last game in Braves uniform?

Freddie Freeman free agency: Has he grown impatient with Braves brass?

Look. The Braves may be taking their sweet time to figure out Freeman’s next deal, but this organization is not stupid. They completely rebuilt this team to win its first World Series Championship in 26 years. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that Freeman has been the team’s franchise cornerstone since Chipper Jones retired. Freeman should never leave Atlanta.

However, this offseason presents a very interesting time for Freeman and his growing family. He and his wife Chelsea’s children are young enough to move anywhere in the country. While he is from Southern California, she hails from Florida. Though the idea of playing in Los Angeles could be appealing, becoming an Atlanta legend akin to his mentor Jones could be very appealing, too.

Ultimately, this news feels like it was leaked by someone in Freeman’s camp to up the negotiating price to put even more pressure on the Braves to get a deal done. Until he signs with another team, Atlanta is the presumptive favorite to retain its first baseman. With the amount of money Atlanta saved on Ronald Acuña Jr. and Ozzie Albies, just give Freeman a Kobe Bryant contract.

While these things do take time, we are all growing impatient with Freeman’s free agency period.

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