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Anthony Rizzo’s take on leaving Chicago will break Cubs fans’ hearts (Video)

Anthony Rizzo will always be a legend in Chicago and him moving out of his apartment in the city is heartbreaking for everyone. 

Bring up the name Anthony Rizzo anywhere around The Windy City and faces are going to melt. He may no longer be suiting up for the Chicago Cubs, but Rizzo will always mean so much to the club.

Countless tears flew after he was traded to the New York Yankees this summer. Well, emotions are high again, as Rizzo went back to Chicago to pack up his apartment and move out. Rizzo spent 10 years in Chicago and appeared in more than 1,300 games with the organization. Now, he’s ready to find a new, permanent home in free agency.

Leaving Chicago isn’t easy for the one and only Anthony Rizzo

Hearing Rizzo talk about leaving town isn’t easy for Cubs fans out there. If you’re getting choked up, we don’t blame you whatsoever. Rizzo not only helped Chicago win the World Series in 2016, the club’s first since 1908, but he was known all over town as just being a good dude.

He always plays the game the right way and he was known as being a great teammate for the Cubbies. He was easily a fan-favorite. Between his monster homes and outstanding plays in the field, Rizzo was a true superstar.

Despite that, he was humble as can be and never let any of the success get to him. That’s what made things even more difficult when he was traded to the Bronx. Now that he’s a free agent, folks can’t wait to see which team he joins next. Despite him not returning to the Cubs, people all over Chicago will be ready to root for this guy whenever he takes the field. That’s how much Rizzo means to everyone at Wrigley Field.

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