Cubs fans use Christmas as excuse to recruit Carlos Correa

The Cubs remain in on Carlos Correa, and with MLB and the players in a lockout, it’ll stay that way for the time being. Cubs fans are out in full force recruiting.

Correa’s potential free agent destinations narrowed before the lockout, with the Detroit Tigers signing Javy Baez and the Texas Rangers adding Corey Seager. Yet, a retooling team like the Chicago Cubs joining the mix was unforeseen.

The 27-year-old reportedly is open to a rebuilding situation, as long as the franchise is committed to winning long-term. Considering the contract Correa is seeking — around a decade long — it makes sense he wouldn’t rule out losing teams just yet. Correa wants a contract north of $300 million over that 10-year span. Few teams are willing to go to that point, however.

Cubs fans recruit Carlos Correa

Correa has previously stated how much he’d like to play at Wrigley Field, pointing out that even after the Cubs traded away the likes of Baez, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and Craig Kimbrel, the place was packed.

“When they traded everybody, and then you look at the couple games after that, it was still sold out,” Correa said. “I was, like, these fans are great. So yeah.”

After signing with the Cubs himself, even Marcus Stroman tried to get Correa to the North side.

But it’s Cubs fans themselves making sure the free agent spirit never dies by inserting Correa’s name into Christmas carols.

Well, if Correa is festive at all, he at least has to appreciate the creativity.

The Ricketts’ family previously appeared unwilling to give out an expensive contract this winter, but by signing Stroman and expressing interest in Correa and bringing back Kris Bryant, they’ve proven most pundits and fans wrong.

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