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MLB rumors: Cubs interest in Carlos Correa only goes so far

The Cubs aren’t about to break the bank for Carlos Correa, despite the fact the two sides have mutual interest in a deal post-lockout.

While the Cubs are a few years away from major contention, it makes more sense for management to go all-in now rather than, say, next offseason when there are less viable options available via free agency.

Correa is a classic example of this. There are no Carlos Correa’s in next season’s free agent class. So, considering he’s available right now, why now bring in the star shortstop a year early? The Ricketts’ family isn’t strapped for cash, as much as they may act like it.

“The Cubs have the money to sign Correa,” a source said. “However, the only hesitation is about the length of the deal – not the annual average value of the contract.”

Cubs concerned about length of Carlos Correa’s contract demands

Correa is arguably the best defensive shortstop in all of baseball. He’s been linked to multiple teams before Chicago, only to back out and remain on the market after not receiving an offer of his liking. The Cubs could be the next in line if they aren’t willing to go to 10 years.

Or, perhaps after the lockout Correa’s demands will decrease slightly. After all, the Cubs are reportedly willing to give him the money he desires — over $30 million per season. It’s natural for a team to be worried about how a player will age, and by the time Correa would be done with his mythical 10-year deal, he’d be 37 years old. Shortstop notoriously don’t age well, and Correa could be forced to move positions at some point in his late-30’s.

Jed Hoyer has insisted the Cubs have money to spend. They backed that up by signing Marcus Stroman. We’ll see if Correa is next.

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