MLB Reddit is digging deep to stay entertained during MLB lockout

How can baseball fans stay entertained during the MLB lockout? MLB Reddit is mining the deep for things to pass the time.

The MLB lockout has put an end to free agency deals and all the other workings of a baseball offseason.

How are baseball fans coping?

Probably about as well as you’d expect. Better, even, if they happen to have found R/baseball as a way to fill the MLB-sized hole in their lives.

MLB Reddit has taken up the call to entertain during the lockout.

The MLB lockout is no match for the creativity of MLB Reddit

Some redditors have decided bring up some of the best disaster moments on the diamond ever, including Javy Baez making fools out of the Pirates.

Sorry Pirates fans, but that one is a classic blunder that does not get old to watch.

Others have decided to crawl back into the history books and pull up old photos of classic baseball stars, like Babe Ruth.

Arguably the best reddit trend of the bunch right now revolves around Mike Trout and the redditor who has devoted themselves to drawing him for every day of the lockout.

The drawing trend isn’t ending with Trout either. Another user is putting their talents to use by drawing MLB players as their namesakes.

Who needs baseball free agency rumors to be swirling or deals being done when you can spend time eating up all of that stuff on Reddit.

No one knows how long the MLB lockout will last but it’s not going to stop fans from being fans.

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