Yankees: Is Anthony Volpe’s potential worth passing on Carlos Correa?

The New York Yankees may not spend hundreds of million on Carlos Correa, at least in part due to the quick progression of prospect Anthony Volpe.

Volpe is ranked as the Yankees top prospect for a reason. He’s No. 15 on MLB Pipeline’s top prospects in all of baseball.

Volpe is saying all the right things with the Yankees still pursuing Correa. Obviously, signing Correa wouldn’t necessarily limit Volpe, as the prospect could still switch positions or even play DH if his bat permits.

“I know I probably sound like a broken record, but at the end of the day, whether it happens this year, next year, whatever, I’d just really like to stay in the present and just work every day to try and become that player that one day is that player wins multiple World Series with the Yankees,” Volpe said.

Yankees: Is Anthony Volpe worth passing on Carlos Correa?

No, not remotely.

Volpe could be the second-coming of Babe Ruth, but if you have a chance to sign Ruth and Carlos Correa, you do it anyway!

The Yankees have plenty of money to spend, even if they hold it close to their chest. New York hasn’t won a World Series since 2009, which for them is essentially the 108-year Cubs streak. It’s unheard of.

Over the course of the minor-league season, Volpe had an average of .294 (121 hits for 412 at-bats), with 27 home runs, 113 runs scored, and 86 RBIs with the Low-A Tampa Tarpons and High-A Hudson Valley Renegades. Another year of experience should do the 20-year-old some good.

And that’s the best argument to signing Correa, honestly. Even if Volpe turns into an All-Star, he won’t be ready for at least two more years, if not more. Prospects remain prospects, and there’s a ton of uncertainty in their progression.

Correa is a known commodity. At 27 years old, he has the greater part of a decade left in his prime. He’s the best defensive shortstop in baseball, arguably, and an All-Star level hitter at the plate as well.

Hal Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman better get to work…finally.

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