Joe Buck supports Ken Rosenthal: ‘See you in April’

After Ken Rosenthal shared that MLB Network declined to bring him back, there was an outpouring of support from fellow MLB reporters, including Joe Buck. 

Above all else, journalists are expected to search for and share the truth with as much context as possible.

For MLB reporters, this has meant holding the powers that be in the league accountable, like criticizing Robert Manfred for many instances of mishandling player interests.

And now, for venerated MLB reporter Ken Rosenthal, his journalistic mission has cost him his position at the MLB Network. Rosenthal confirmed on Jan. 3 that the MLB Network declined to bring him back in 2022.

“I always strove to maintain my journalistic integrity, and my work reflects that,” Rosenthal stressed when shared the news. MLB journalist are standing in solidarity with him, including fellow announcer Joe Buck — who is certain he will see Rosenthal again come April.

Joe Buck, others support Ken Rosenthal after what’s believed to be unethical termination by MLB Network

Sports journalists across the media landscape vouched for the credibility and ethics of Rosenthal, who has been a sports reporter since 1984.

MLB players have also joined in supporting Rosenthal, criticizing Manfred for a decision that has many comparing him to a dictator.

Eugene Freedman, a lawyer who writes about baseball labor relations, said that the Rosenthal firing pulled back the curtain on what is essentially “state run media” by the MLB.

Rosenthal initially criticized Manfred for his mishandling of the MLB during the dangerous COVID-19 pandemic, stating that Manfred was at risk of “ruining his legacy” as MLB commissioner.

“As if the perception that Manfred is beholden to owners and out of touch with players was not bad enough, he was trending on Twitter on Monday after performing a massive flip-flop,” Rosenthal wrote on June 16, 2020.

Rosenthal clarified that he will continue working as on-air talent for Fox Sports, as well as covering the MLB for The Athletic.

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