MLB rumors: Does Clayton Kershaw attending Mavs game confirm free agency chatter?

Does Clayton Kershaw attending a Dallas Mavericks game confirm his interest in joining the Texas Rangers, or is this just circumstance?

Kershaw has been connected to the Rangers all offseason, despite having spent his entire career thus far with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The 33-year-old has one more chance to cash in on a free-agent contract, and he wants to make it count.

This isn’t to say Kershaw won’t hit the open market again, but he’s unlikely to receive a deal as lucrative as the one he’ll get from the Rangers, or elsewhere.

Kershaw had a down year by his standards, as he pitched to a 10-8 record, paired with a 3.55 ERA and 1.02 WHIP. That being said, a down year from Kersh is still Hall-of-Fame worthy.

The Dallas native was spotted at Dirk Nowitzki’s retirement ceremony on Wednesday night with some Cowboys players courtside. Could this mean a deal with the Rangers is looming?

MLB rumors: Will Clayton Kershaw sign with the Texas Rangers?

If any pitcher remaining on the free agent market is willing to give the Rangers a hometown discount of sorts, it’s Kershaw. However, given the reasons previously stated, the smart money is still on Kershaw raking in lots of cash when this is all said and done.

Kershaw’s former Los Angeles Dodgers teammate, Corey Seager, signed with the Rangers for a 10-year, $325 million contract. This was AFTER they inked Marcus Semien to play (as we now know) second base. That’s a lot of money. Do they still have some left for Kershaw?

With a new ownership group coming aboard, the Rangers wanted to make a splash. But if they aren’t careful, they may not make an immediate profit margin (gasps).

In the end, though, Kershaw attending a Mavs game — especially one of this sort of significance — should not spur more rumors. Kershaw has long been connected to the Rangers, but it’s also rumored he’s open to a Dodgers return.

He’s merely from the area. Let the man enjoy a quick homecoming.

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