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Juan Soto’s brother, also an elite prospect, ditches Mets for division rival

Washington Nationals fans absolutely love Juan Soto and another member of his family could be joining the organization soon as well. 

There’s simply no denying that Juan Soto is one of the more exciting young baseball players in the game. With his swag and unreal power, Soto has made himself countless fans over the years. Well, it turns out he’s not the only standout in his family.

Soto’s younger brother Elian is a 16-year-old phenom and he’s ready to try and live up to his brother’s game. According to MLB insiders Jon Heyman and Byron Kerr, the Nationals are finalizing a deal with the younger Soto.

Soto posted a video in full Mets gear just a few weeks ago, making his decision to spurn them for Washington all the more confusing.

The Nationals could end up signing Elian Soto sooner than later

So, instead of having one Soto playmaker as part of the ball club, Washington appears ready to make it two. Soto’s little brother may just be 16 years old, but he’s got an incredible amount of potential both at third base and in the outfield.

Hey, the Nats struck gold with one Soto, so why not take a chance with another? In four seasons with the Nationals, Soto has recorded 98 homers and 312 RBI. Soto was also a massive piece of the puzzle for Washington’s World Series win in 2019. That’s a title that folks will never forget.

Now, Soto is getting himself ready for spring training to arrive so he can try and have another huge year for his team.

Should the Nats get things done with Elian, he’ll try and work his way up the ladder to join his big bro in the majors in the future. Imagine those two in the same lineup? Not only would it make the entire Soto family fired up, but it’s of course something the Washington supporters would be fired up to see.

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