San Francisco Giants player rep gives honest account of lockout struggle

After the MLB and MLB Players Association met on Jan. 13, Austin Slater of the San Francisco Giants shared his thoughts on the lockout.

The MLB lockout has been in place for over a month, but there was a meeting set between the league and the MLB Player’s Association on Jan. 13. A deal was not expected to be finalized, but based off reports, no progress has been made and there is no end in sight for the lockout.

Austin Slater, San Francisco Giants outfielder and team player rep, spoke to Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle about the latest meeting, saying that there is frustration among the players.

You can read Slater’s full quote in Slusser’s tweets below.

Giants player rep gives honest opinion about MLB lockout

This was the first time that the players union and league met since the lockout went into effect on Dec. 2.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan and Jesse Rogers detailed some of the proposals that the league made to the players union in their latest offer. Those included funneling additional money to all players with two or more years of service, awarding draft picks to teams that don’t manipulate the service time of their top prospects and making additional changes to a draft lottery. But, the league did not talk about a raise in the minimum salary and adjustments to the competitive-balance tax, per Passan and Rogers.

With players disappointed by the offer, it will remain to be seen when they make their counterproposal to the league. Until then, there is a possibility that Spring Training may not begin on time.

We will continue to keep you updated on the negotiations between the MLB and MLBPA once additional details are provided.

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