Jeff Passan roasts Chicago news affiliate for misrepresenting lockout reporting

After an article misrepresented what Jeff Passan reported about the MLB lockout, ESPN’s MLB insider took to Twitter to set the record straight.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan is a respected, knowledgeable reporter covering Major League Baseball for the Worldwide Leader in Sports. He’s good at what he does and is a great source of information for anyone trying to keep up with the sport. That includes stuff like the MLB lockout, which is unfortunately continuing on and keeping baseball from happening.

The lockout is still around after negotiations broke down earlier Thursday. Passan provided details about what went down, but apparently his tweets weren’t clear enough as the information he provided was ultimately misrepresented.

And so, Passan made sure everything was straightened out and that he wasn’t misquoted anywhere.

The tweet Passan responded to no longer exists, so what did it say?

The article in question has also been scrubbed from existence. It’s simply not on the internet any longer. If you go to the URL where it once existed, it’s no longer there.

So, what did Passan report?

MLB lockout update: Jeff Passan sets record straight on MLB lockout reporting

According to Passan, Both sides reportedly sat down to address the lockout. This would be the first time in 2022 that they’d come together. MLB made some sort of proposal, but it doesn’t appear that it was actually a serious one as folks on both sides of the issue apparently believed the deal wouldn’t actually be made today.

And, well, the talks ended with no real progress. Now, according to Passan, the baseball world will await a response from the MLBPA on the matter.

Generally, if a proposal is being made and nobody expects it to go over well, it’s probably not going to be a proposal that solves the issue at hand. And it seems like everyone will wait for a response from the union and hopefully some sort of progress to be made along with it.

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