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Ranking Carlos Correa’s 6 potential suitors after Scott Boras hire

Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Where is Carlos Correa’s preferred destination after switching agents? Adding Scott Boras to the mix makes a major difference right away.

Correa’s contract expectations skyrocketed immediately after adding Scott Boras to the mix. Boras clients rarely take less than what they deserve, MLB lockout or not. As one of the most outspoken agents in baseball, Boras can sway the market to his favor, and expect him to do just that after adding a player like Correa to his rolodex.

So what kind of contract is Correa looking for?

Before the start of the lockout, Correa reportedly wanted a deal within the $330 million – $350 million range, albeit over the course of a decade. Such a contract would pay him more than Corey Seager, who signed a 10-year, $325 million deal with the Texas Rangers earlier this offseason.

Of course, Seager and Correa play the same position, with the latter considered the better overall talent.

Carlos Correa rumors: Could a mystery team emerge?

When ranking possible Correa suitors, one has to start with a possible mystery team. Heck, Correa wouldn’t be a Boras client if a mystery team doesn’t emerge at some point in negotiations.

Boras typically leaks such information to the media in hopes of driving up his client’s price. It works to his favor most of the time. Every now and then, said mystery team comes out of nowhere to sign a player of Correa’s stature, especially given how much money he’s asking for.

A mystery team for Correa could be — just spitballing here — either the Mets, Nationals or even Tigers.

Yes, the Mets have Lindor at shortstop already, but there’s no telling how much Steve Cohen would spend on offensive talent. With the DH potentially coming to the National League, New York’s everyday lineup could have a spot for Correa and Lindor.

The Nationals aren’t far removed from a World Series, and pairing Correa with Juan Soto makes them far more dangerous, even after trading Max Scherzer last season.

The Tigers, of course, were thought to be in on Correa before they signed Javier Baez. But why not both? A.J. Hinch has a connection with Correa from their Houston days. Baez already switched positions once for Lindor with the Mets, nothing is stopping him from doing so again.

Mystery teams aside, who else makes sense for Correa?

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