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Scott Boras could help Astros retain Carlos Correa

MLB super-agent Scott Boras could actually help the Houston Astros keep Carlos Correa, despite the lack of negotiations thus far in free agency.

Correa got tired of waiting, despite the fact we’re in the middle of an MLB lockout, and therefore hired Boras. Thankfully for Correa, Boras has a history of landing his clients lucrative contracts. It’s just the way he runs his business.

Because Boras is one of the more well-known agents in the sport, owners typically don’t react to their players hiring him in a positive manner. Yet, Boras had nothing but positive things to say about the Astros.

”The Astros, when you look at them, they have three or four young pitchers, but they also have six potential great position players who are all relatively young,” said Boras. “So, it’s an organization that’s been at the championship level of play for three or four years and yet that can continue for six or seven if they are able to retain those true core pieces of All-Star level talent that they already possess.”

Carlos Correa rumors: Does Scott Boras hire help Astros?

Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman are Boras clients, too, so that sort of familiarity with Jim Crane can only help matters moving forward.

The Astros’ offers to Correa thus far have not been adequate. Houston’s latest attempt was for five years and $160 million, which Correa likely took as an insult given what he’s asking for. Correa wants double the years and a slightly higher AAV. $330 million isn’t chump change, but signing on for a full decade of a shortstop close to 30 years old isn’t ideal either.

“There are always owners who are ready to make the best business decision, one they’ll always remember,” Boras said. “I can think back in my history in the game of doing things that there were times where they didn’t know what they were thinking initially but as time went on, they realize, ‘I don’t get a chance to make decisions like this maybe in my ownership history or maybe in a decade and that I want to exercise every opportunity to acquire something that I know may not (always) be available.’”

For Crane and the Astros, that opportunity could be right after the lockout ends, despite initial thoughts that the Boras hiring would price them out of the Correa chase altogether.

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