Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and other Hall of Fame snubs can still get call to the hall

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens may not have made it into the Hall of Fame on their final year on the ballot, but there is still a path to Cooperstown.

The 2022 Baseball Hall of Fame class was revealed on Tuesday, Jan. 25, and it was the final time that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens could be on the Baseball Writers’ Association of America ballot. Ultimately, they missed out on the 75-percent threshold they needed to make it into Cooperstown, leaving former Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz as the only person on the ballot to receive induction.

Even though Bonds and Clemens are no longer on the ballot, there is still a path for them (and other snubs) to make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

How Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens can make Hall of Fame

The former San Francisco Giants slugger, the multiple-time Cy Young winner and other snubs can get in via the Today’s Game committee.

16 members consist of the Today’s Game committee, who are “members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, executives and veteran media members,” per the Baseball Hall of Fame’s official website.

This upcoming December, the Today’s Game committee will meet to discuss potential Hall of Fame candidates. Those that will be up for discussion include players, coaches, executives and umpires from the year’s 1988 to 2016. But, much like the ballot, candidates must receive 75-percent of the vote. So, they need 12 votes to receive induction into Cooperstown as a member of the Class of 2023.

If Bonds or Clemens do not receive the required number of votes this December, the committee will meet again in Dec. 2024, per the Baseball Hall of Fame’s official website. If not then, the process will continue, as the committee meets twice every five years.

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