Yankees rumors: Top prospect Anthony Volpe on the move?

The latest New York Yankees rumors involving the shortstop position shows one possible future for prospect Anthony Volpe.

A huge storyline for the New York Yankees this offseason has been one surrounding the shortstop position. If you grew up watching Derek Jeter play the position like a whole generation did, you understand how essential the position can be.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for the Yankees to have this need given how many top-level free agent shortstops hit the open market this winter. A recent rumor involving Anthony Volpe could give a preview of what lies ahead.

Winter Yankees rumors have been about more than just the shortstop position. First base is another major need for the club. We should expect the club to spend big at improving at least one of these positions whether it be through free agency or a trade.

There have been Yankees rumors about a possible trade with the Oakland Athletics for first baseman Matt Olson. However, according to Andy Martino of SNY, the team has been unwilling to part with Volpe in any such deal. With Volpe likely headed to the big leagues no later than 2023, the team does have another option.

Yankees rumors: Unwilling to trade Anthony Volpe?

As Martino notes, Volpe and one of the remaining star shortstops could co-exist on the Yankees. This is, after all, a team that employed Jeter and Alex Rodriguez together for several years. There are ways to win even when you have multiple shortstops on your team.

One idea proposed by Martino is for the Yankees to sign a guy like Carlos Correa or Trevor Story and then move him to another position once Volpe (or Oswald Peraza) is ready for the big leagues. Second base or third base would be the most logical place to move one of these players. We’ve certainly seen even bigger positional changes from guys who made a career out of playing shortstop. I wouldn’t write off the idea of anyone moving away from shortstop and finding a place in the outfield or first base either.

Although Martino seems confident the Yankees won’t trade Volpe, that could change. Life comes at you quick. Zero World Series appearances since the 2009 victory certainly weighs heavy on the quick-to-react Yankees fans and Brian Cashman’s reputation.

The Yankees haven’t been shy about trading prospects in the recent past. Blake Rutherford, Jorge Mateo, Justus Sheffield, etc. have all been moved in deals to try and improve the “now.” If push comes to shove and the only way the Yankees can build a winner is to package Volpe in a trade, they might have to do it.

In the interim, expect Volpe to stay put and the Yankees to move players to different positions before moving their top prospect to another ball club.

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