MLB lockout: When will Spring Training start?

MLB Spring Training is scheduled for Feb. 26, but the latest developments in the MLB lockout hints at a delayed date for Spring Training in 2022. 

Although MLB Spring Training is still on the books for Feb. 26, the continuation of the MLB lockout into February makes this starting date nearly impossible at this point.

Per the latest reports, the MLB has requested the immediate assistance of a federal mediator in order to help end the lockout. The use of a mediator still has to be approved by the MLBPA, and with the slow development of talks, even this process could be delayed.

Most recently, there was a meeting on Feb. 2, but this did not include a discussion of core economic issues, the source of contention between the league and its players.

MLB lockout: When will Spring Training start?

According to Jon Heyman of MLB Network, the expectation is that “the sides will again discuss core economic issues within the next few days.”

Even if the use of a moderator facilitates discussion in the coming weeks, the MLB and MLBPA still have less than a month to ratify a new CBA. MLB Opening Day is scheduled for March 31, and it could effectively start that day even if there is a short delay.

To avoid losing regular season games, players would have to begin Spring Training by no later than the beginning of March.

Clearly, the two sides are feeling the pressure of the looming season ahead, but ironing out the details in a few short weeks still appears unlikely. While the actual date of MLB Spring Training remains unclear, fans can expect that it will be a little later than Feb. 26.

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