Braves: 4 best DH free agent options for Atlanta to sign

Atlanta Braves DH

Is Kyle Schwarber the best fit to become the Atlanta Braves DH in 2022? Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The DH is coming to the National League and these four free agents could take on the role for the Atlanta Braves in 2022.

Scream as loud as you want at the clouds; the DH is coming to the National League! It’s just about the only thing to two sides could agree on during the ongoing MLB lockout. For the Atlanta Braves, it gives them one more reason to get busy this offseason while defending their title.

The Braves already have to think about whether or not Freddie Freeman will be along for the ride in 2022. The free agent first baseman and heart of the franchise for so many years could flee to another team. Regardless of whether or not he does, the Braves need to do what they can to repeat as champions. Windows don’t stay open long. Right now, the one in Atlanta is bringing in a cool Georgia breeze.

Although Atlanta could use Marcell Ozuna at the DH spot regularly in 2022, it wouldn’t hurt to bolster the lineup even more with a free agent splash. Looking more so at the guys who can bring a nice bat to the plate rather than what he can do in the field, these are four DH targets for Atlanta to consider.

Braves DH target: Kyle Schwarber

Probably everyone’s favorite DH target this winter, Kyle Schwarber is now eligible to play for all 30 teams in 2022. He came up as a catcher, turned into a left fielder, and was always best destined to take on the one-sided role of designated hitter. Even with most of his career spent in the National League, the addition of the DH is great news for him.

Severely lacking from the Braves right now is a left-handed stick. Ozzie Albies and Drew Waters are switch-hitters but everyone else we can expect to make the Opening Day roster hits from the right side.

This could always change if they reunite with Freeman. And even if they do, what’s so bad about having a pair of lefties?

We would have to expect Schwarber to get the yeomen’s share of work as a DH but he should still bring his glove to the ballpark. As weak as he is defensively, he can at least provide them with a little bit of outfield depth and maybe even some innings at first base in case of an injury.

Schwarber’s free agent market should be an interesting one considering how well he played last year with the Washington Nationals and Boston Red Sox. One of the best power hitters available, he’d be a nice addition to the Atlanta lineup.

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