Will Trevor Bauer pitch for Dodgers again?

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer will not be criminally charged after sexual assault allegations against him. But what does his future look like?

Trevor Bauer was supposed to be a vital piece of the Los Angeles Dodgers defending their World Series title this past season but sexual assault allegations and the subsequent legal proceedings left him placed on administrative leave by MLB. Now, there is a development in the legal process or, rather, the lack thereof moving forward.

On Tuesday, TMZ reported that Bauer will not be criminally charged for the incidents in question that resulted from a spring 2020 sexual relationship with the alleged victim which she claimed left her with physical wounds, among other things.

That doesn’t mean that Bauer is now off scot-free, though.

Trevor Bauer news: Dodgers pitcher could still face civil lawsuit

Though there won’t be any criminal charges levied against Bauer, the possibility of a civil trial remains. We don’t yet know if that’s on the table, but the TMZ report does state that the temporary restraining order that forbid Bauer from contacting his accuser has been lifted. That is something we should be looking out for moving forward in terms of the legal proceedings.

Will Trevor Bauer play for the Dodgers again?

It remains to be seen if Bauer is going to play in Los Angeles again. While he is not criminally charged according to the reports, the hurler is still under investigation by MLB, which has not yet come to any conclusions.

The results of the league’s investigation will go a long way in telling baseball fans, Dodgers fans, and the club itself about the future of the pitcher.

Trevor Bauer contract: How much do Dodgers still owe pitcher?

As many know, Bauer signed a monstrous three-year, $102 million deal with LA prior to the start of last season, leaving him due $32 million in base salary plus his signing bonus over each of the next two seasons with the club.

Now, the Dodgers could potentially get out of the contract if the organization wins an insurance claim against the 31-year-old pitcher. Moreover, there is a player option for the 2023 season in the contract, which adds another wrinkle to his future.

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