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Matt Harvey discusses drug use, MLB painkiller culture in Tyler Skaggs case

Former Los Angeles Angels pitcher Matt Harvey took the stand in the Eric Kay case on Tuesday afternoon, discussing his old teammate Tyler Skaggs’ unfortunate passing.

As the trail of former Angels employee Eric Kay rages on into its seventh day, the prosecution called All-Star pitcher Matt Harvey to the stand. Harvey used to be teammates with Skaggs, who passed away on July 1, 2019 from a drug overdose.

The defense suggested Harvey could have been the supplier of Percocet pills which were found in Skaggs’ possession on the day he passes away. Harvey was granted immunity when he took the stand, thus speaking openly and honestly about his past drug use, and his connection to Skaggs.

Matt Harvey: MLB has drug culture problem

ESPN reporter T.J. Quinn is at Kay’s trial, thus giving a detailed account of the findings on his Twitter timeline.

Per Harvey, he had a drug problem with cocaine and oxycodone dating back to his days with the New York Mets. Former ESPN Mets reporter Adam Rubin insists the team knew of his issue.

However, Harvey insists he’s far from alone in what he described as a culture problem in MLB of players attempting to come back from or play through injuries by using painkillers. He also insisted he never knew Skaggs had a drug problem, merely that he was using on a recreational basis or to recover from injuries.

The defense hoped to prove that Skaggs got drugs from multiple sources in the time leading up to his death. This would perhaps cast some doubt that it was Kay who gave Skaggs the drugs which ultimately killed him. In that sense, the defense achieved its purpose in cross-examining Harvey, as the pitcher admitted Skaggs had told him of another source for his drugs. Skaggs also asked Harvey about his dealer friend, thus adding another option.

Harvey acknowledged that his involvement in this case could hurt his future pitching prospects, but that must be the last thing on his mind as the Kay trial continues.

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