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Marcus Stroman accuses Mets fans of racist behavior during time in New York

New Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman said he received death threats and was the subject of racial abuse while playing for the Mets.

Marcus Stroman has made it no secret that he is glad to be out of New York after signing with the Cubs earlier this offseason.

The former Mets pitcher gave another indication of why he was so eager to leave NY on Wednesday when he tweeted about being on the receiving end of racially-motivated abuse.

“Endless death threats, being called a n***** often, hearing black lives don’t matter, and playing for a front office who didn’t care about any of that,” Stroman tweeted. “I will speak on this topic on my time and on my podcast at some point. Still dealt on the mound through all of that! 🗣🤷🏾‍♂️”

Marcus Stroman said he experienced disgusting racial abuse with Mets

The discussion began when a Twitter user questioned radio hosts Evan Roberts and Craig Carton of WFAN over their criticism of Stroman.

“I’m only hearing one sided opinions on [Stroman]. Has anyone even considered that maybe he’s received a vast amount of racist responses from some Mets fans? It’s easy to say he’s sensitive or thin-skinned when you’ve never been the focus of bigotry,” Jami Reaves wrote.

Stroman responded to that tweet with his confirmation that he had been the subject of racism at the hands of Mets fans.

When another user cautioned Stroman about putting all Mets fans into one category, Stroman responded, “I respect and love you for [the support] but the amount of racial/bias hate I received was truly disgusting.”

It’s unacceptable for any person to experience racial attacks, let alone an athlete performing on the mound or at the plate. No one should have to go through abuse like that anywhere.

There are bad apples in all fanbases, unfortunately. Stroman went through and liked or responded to many Mets fans who expressed their support for him, so he’s not holding it against the fanbase as a whole.

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