Juan Soto turned down a monster 13-year contract from Nationals

Juan Soto turned down an absolute monster contract from the Washington Nationals. Was he right to do so?

Soto knows his worth, and assuming he keeps up his current pace, he’ll be worth the richest contract in major-league history whenever he finally does get paid. The 23-year-old isn’t scheduled to be a free agent until the 2025 offseason, but if the Nationals are smart they’ll pay him far before then.

MLB doesn’t have its version of the Patrick Mahomes contract, but Soto could be first to reach that mark. The Chiefs quarterback signed a 12-year, $500 million to remain in Kansas City for virtually the entirety of his prime. The Nationals would prefer Soto do the same, but first they tried to pull a fast one on him.

That’s…a lot of money to turn down. Soto could look back at that report years from now and regret not signing on the dotted line. But, assuming he can put up MVP-like numbers throughout his early-to-mid 20’s, it’ll be worth the wait.

Juan Soto contract rumors: Is Nationals star worth $500 million?

ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan thinks that’s where Soto is headed.

Juan Soto spotrac

You came to the right place. Soto is underpaid…for now.

Juan Soto age

Soto is just 23 years old for now. His birthday is in late October.

Mike Trout contract: Highest-paid players in MLB history

Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels currently has the highest-paid contract in MLB history, as he signed a 12-year, $426 million deal. Soto could beat that mark if his numbers continue to impress over the next few seasons.

Soto has finished ninth, fifth and now second in MVP voting the last three years. He’s somehow only made the All-Star team once yet finished with two silver slugger awards. He won the 2019 World Series and has a batting title to his name. Not to mention, he’s a solid defender in the outfield. The man has it all, and soon could have the money to match.

What does this say about the Nationals?

Well, it was worth a shot for Washington. Look no further than the Braves contract with Ronald Acuña as to why its worth throwing a bunch of money in front of a young player in hopes of him signing. Acuña is a perennial MVP candidate, and he’s criminally underpaid.

Soto will not fall for those same charades.

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