Stephen A. Smith makes Mad Dog Russo look silly for backing owners in MLB lockout

During Wednesday’s episode of First Take, Stephen A. Smith very clearly took issue with MLB owners for their role in the MLB lockout.

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo is receiving plenty of criticism for taking the remarkably unpopular stance of backing MLB owners in the MLB lockout during his recent appearance on ESPN’s First Take. Stephen A. Smith greeted his guest, a longtime prominent radio host, by making it clear why supporting MLB owners isn’t exactly a phenomenal idea.

MLB lockout: Stephen A. Smith sounds off on Mad Dog Russo, MLB owners

While there are large segments of First Take that are legitimately awful arguments and nonsense, Smith has a pretty good point here. In the midst of the yelling, Smith has it right with his intense criticisms of MLB owners.

But at least Russo is open and honest and transparent about siding with the owners. He very clearly owned his involvement in supporting MLB owners in this matter (and likely in many other issues over the years).

Even though he made his viewpoint clear to everyone at home and on the internet, Russo just simply looks a little silly in this moment. Smith pointed out a very clear timeline issue that reflects remarkably poorly on MLB owners and their supposed intentions to get baseball going as soon as possible.

While First Take is hardly the place of a great debate, this still isn’t a great look for Russo or the MLB owners he’s supporting.

However, that doesn’t mean that some great moments weren’t had. The show very clearly isn’t for everyone and it can often be very painful to watch. That said, seeing Russo make Smith flabbergasted while discussing Steph Curry is definitely a blast to watch and this clip is something everyone should enjoy.

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