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Max Muncy recruits Freddie Freeman. Braves fans should be very scared

Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Max Muncy is recruiting Freddie Freeman away from Atlanta. Braves fans should be nervous.

When the 2022 MLB season begins is anyone’s guess, as the lockout is still ongoing with no new collective bargaining agreement. But whenever both the MLB and MLB Player’s Association come to terms on a new CBA, free agency will commence at a tremendous pace. One of the big names remaining on the open market is Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman.

Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Max Muncy appeared on Dodger Talk on AM 570 Sports on Friday night and said that he believes it would be “awesome” if the Dodgers were able to sign Freeman in the offseason. Not only that, but Muncy said that he would be willing to move to second base so Freeman would take first.

Max Muncy recruiting Freddie Freeman to Dodgers

“Maybe it’s not as much [playing] first base, but that’s okay,” Muncy said, h/t True Blue LA. “I enjoy playing second base more. If we get the DH, that’s going to be a rotating position. We’re not going to have a one set DH. That means we’ll be rotating all around the field. That’s when it’s really fun. I’m excited about it.”

It seems absurd that the Braves would even consider letting Freeman walk to sign with another team. However, Freeman is looking for a six-year deal worth $180 million at the age of 32. Meanwhile, the Braves reportedly offered the first baseman a five-year, $135 million deal, per ESPN’s Buster Olney. As a result, Olney said that the belief is that Freeman won’t re-sign with the Braves.

That officially opens the door for a team like the Dodgers to capitalize on an NL rival’s decision and bring Freeman in to further bolster their roster. As Muncy says, moving off of first base for Freeman won’t be an issue for him.

Seeing Freeman wearing a Dodgers uniform may make Braves fans sick if he is to join the NL West powerhouse.

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