Watch: Stephen A. Smith’s hilarious rant ends with demand for Yankees to hire Derek Jeter

In a conversation with Jeff Passan on ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A. Smith went off and demanded the Yankees hire Derek Jeter.

Stephen A. is a known Yankee fan, so now that Jeter is available, you can be sure he’ll be championing a cause connecting The Captain back to the Bronx.

Jeter left his role as CEO of the Marlins on Monday, citing fundamental differences with the direction of the franchise. What that means for the Marlins remains to be seen, as Jeter is a proven winner at nearly every level.

In a statement, Jeter was kind to the organization and reminisced fondly on his time in Miami.

“We had a vision five years ago to turn the Marlins franchise around, and as CEO, I have been proud to put my name and reputation on the line to make our plan a reality,” Jeter wrote. “Through hard work, trust and accountability, we transformed every aspect of the franchise, reshaping the workforce and developing a long-term strategic plan for success.”

But now that the smoke has cleared, where will Jeter wind up next?

Stephen A. Smith: Yankees should find a role for Derek Jeter

Smith was energetic as always in a conversation with Passan, borderline yelling in the Yankees’ direction to hire Jeter. Whatever role that is, it should come with a big office and a bow on top.

Passan did state that Jeter should be involved in the sport in some way, but Smith took matters a step further, yelling into the camera in one of his iconic monologues.

ESPN’s MLB insider only infuriated Smith more when he responded with “I don’t tell a man where to work.” Passan was as calm as ever, removing himself from Smith’s viewpoint, while also trying not to crack up on screen.

Jeter’s future plans are unknown at this time, and despite Smith’s begging and pleading for him to find a role with his former team, expect him to examine his options before committing to a high-profile position in the Bronx.

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