Rob Manfred press conference highlights: What he said about new MLB CBA

Unlike the MLB CBA negotiations, the first post-lockout Rob Manfred press conference with the media didn’t leave much on the table. 

The MLB lockout stretched 99 days but it won’t hit triple digits in length because the owners and players officially agreed on a new CBA on Thursday.

The last 99 days haven’t been the greatest in the history of the sport with all the ups and downs of a protracted negotiation process. Fortunately, those days are done and baseball can get back on track.

The man in charge of making sure things stay on track, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, addressed the media after the ratification vote.

Here’s what Manfred had to say:

Rob Manfred press conference: What the MLB commissioner said about lockout

Manfred apologized to the fans for the uncertainty around the game while addressing specifics of what the 2022 baseball season will look like relative to divisional games and media access.

Tellingly, Manfred devoted some time to discuss his relationship with the players, which has not been viewed particularly positively. Players like Marcus Stroman have publicly called for Manfred to be replaced, so to say he doesn’t get along with players is an understatement.

Manfred’s reputation took some hits and was reaffirmed in several negative ways during this lockout. It’s possible he’s been able to look back at the way he’s handled things and can put that knowledge towards making things better.

Here are a few other things Manfred discussed:

Opening Day will arrive on April 7 with a full slate of games scheduled for the 2022 season. While the owners and players still have some things to iron out, this new CBA will be in place for the next five years so at least fans won’t have to worry too much about another lockout or strike for a few more years.

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