Yankees fans are convinced Carlos Correa is coming to the Bronx

With the Chicago Cubs signing shortstop Andrelton Simmons, some New York Yankees fans believe that means Carlos Correa will head to the Bronx.

It is officially free agent frenzy in MLB again with the lockout officially ending on Thursday, March 10. One of the larger news nuggets was that the Chicago Cubs were in on free agent shortstop Carlos Correa, formerly of the Houston Astros.

But on Friday, Jon Heyman of MLB Network reported that the Cubs did sign a shortstop, but it was Andrelton Simmons to a one-year, $4 million contract.

With this news, New York Yankees fans were celebrating on Twitter, thinking that this meant Correa was heading to the Bronx by process of elimination.

Yankees fans convinced Carlos Correa is heading to the Bronx

There is plenty of reason for Yankees fans to feel excited. Prior to the lockout, the organization did have talks with Correa’s representatives. That, and Heyman reported that Correa was one of three free agents they requested and received medical reports of ahead of the lockout.

Does that necessarily mean that Correa is definitely going to the Yankees? Well, no. There are still the Astros, and owner Jim Crane told Mark Berman of Fox 26 that the team plans on circling back to Correa one more time.

Not only that, but Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic said that even though the Cubs signed Simmons, that will not “preclude them” from pursuing Correa if they opt to go in that direction.

Long story short, Correa signing with the Yankees is not a virtual lock. We just have to wait on the official report announcing where the shortstop will be signing ahead of the 2022 season.

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