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After Matt Chapman trade, Blue Jays trying to trade for another All-Star infielder

The Toronto Blue Jays are looking to add an All-Star to their roster and they might be able to do it through a trade with the Cleveland Guardians.

Over the past few seasons, the Toronto Blue Jays have steadily improved. In 2021, the Blue Jays managed to win 91 games and seemed to be a pretty dangerous foe for just about anyone to face.

Now it looks like Toronto wants to continue improving, even after trading for A’s third baseman, Matt Chapman. The Blue Jays have their sights set on another All-Star infielder.

According to The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, the Blue Jays reached out to the Cleveland Guardians about trading for José Ramírez.

But, Rosenthal doesn’t seem to think that trade is all that likely.

Toronto Blue Jays reportedly interested in trading for Jose Ramirez

According to Rosenthal’s tweet, it seems unlikely that the Guardians will look to move Ramírez at all. As Rosenthal notes, Ramírez is “under club control for two more seasons” and will be paid a pretty solid salary of $24 million over those two seasons.

It’s also worth noting how Rosenthal points out that other teams are also apparently interested in a trade for Ramírez

Even though the Blue Jays may not be able to get Ramírez from Cleveland, this is an interesting position for Toronto to be in. Should the trade with Cleveland not happen, it’s possible that they might find someone else that is willing to make a deal.

The Blue Jays could potentially become a contender if they are able to add some more talent to this lineup, but it remains to be seen if the Blue Jays are actually able to do that.

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