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Braves bring back familiar face to help make up for Freddie Freeman decision

The Atlanta Braves are bringing back a beloved fan favorite. Will that be enough to help make up for the situation with Freddie Freeman?

When the Atlanta Braves decided to bring in free agent first baseman Matt Olson, it seemed incredibly unlikely that they’d also decide to toss some money in Freddie Freeman’s direction. However, it does look like the Braves are trying to connect with their fans by bringing a beloved player back to Atlanta.

Eddie Rosario, who was a free agent after being with the Braves during the 2021 season, will be headed back to Atlanta for at least a couple more seasons.

Getting Rosario to come back is pretty big for this team for multiple reasons. Rosario is talented and brings plenty of experience to the table. He also was huge for Atlanta at multiple points during the past season.

This is a smart move.

Atlanta Braves sign Eddie Rosario to 2-year contract

While he’s not necessarily the best hitter ever, Rosario is really good and has definitely demonstrated the ability to be dangerous at the plate. Throughout the entirety of his career, Rosarios has a .275 batting average. He’s hit a total of 133 home runs and has 450 RBIs.

During the 33 games he played for Atlanta this past season, Rosario had a .271 batting average and hit seven home runs.

While Rosario might not be as great as Freeman and this signing doesn’t truly make up for the Braves not pursuing signing the longtime Atlanta star, getting him is still important for this franchise.

This is a good move to get back in the good graces of Atlanta fans and also to help improve the Braves’ chances of competing for a title once more. Rosario is an exciting player who had some brilliant moments as the Braves won a World Series. He’s definitely someone worth signing.

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