Twins World Series odds skyrocket after signing Carlos Correa

The Minnesota Twins signed Carlos Correa from out of nowhere and now fans are dreaming of a trip to the World Series. 

Who in the heck saw this happening? In truly shocking fashion, the Minnesota Twins signed Carlos Correa to a historic three-year deal, breaking the hearts of New York Yankees and Houston Astros fans across the country in the process.

As you might have been able to guess, people in Minnesota are losing their minds with this news and they’re hoping Correa can help them be in the hunt to win the AL Central. Well, what about a potential trip to the Fall Classic?

Minnesota signing Carlos Correa has people believing in the team

While those 65 to 1 odds may not be close to teams like the Dodgers, Braves or Astros, there’s simply no question that Twins supporters are ready to see this team make plenty of noise in 2022.

Correa is no doubt one of the best shortstops in the game and him joining the Twins shakes things up in the American League. Houston Astros fans supporters were holding out hope for a reunion too, but the Twins made an offer that Correa simply couldn’t refuse.

It had long been expected that he was going to leave Houston this offseason, but talks between the two sides had reportedly started picking up some steam. That’s before the Twins came in and let Correa know they wanted him bad.

Again, this signing of Correa doesn’t mean the team will be ready to dominate the rest of the bigs and lock in a trip to the World Series, but this move has sent quite the statement to the other clubs out there. Minnesota is ready to win now and Correa being in the middle of the lineup will scare everyone out there.

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