Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. lost a ton of weight, credits trainer

Toronto Blue Jays star Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. showed off his recent dramatic weight loss.

Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. is one of baseball’s finest young stars. The son of a Hall of Famer, he led the league in runs scored (123), home runs (48), and a couple of other statistics in 2021 on his way to finishing second in the MVP race. The Toronto Blue Jays should be a good team yet again this year with him right at the center of their success.

When he does take the field this season, expect him to look a little slimmer. MLB Insider Hector Gomez shared with fans on Twitter just how hard the young warrior worked to go from 261 pounds down to 239.

“Thanks to God for giving me the opportunity of working with Vladdy Jr. In just one month we achieved the goal we set for ourselves to,” Jose Fortuna, his personal trainer told Gomez. “With all of Vladdy Jr.’s hard work and dedication he was able to drop from 261 to 239 pounds”

Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. is taking his weight and health seriously at the right age

Weight is something a lot of people struggle with. It doesn’t matter if you’re a star athlete or not. Our modern lifestyles and sometimes genetics make it nearly impossible to maintain a healthy weight without a lot of effort. It has ruined the careers of many. Guerrero, Jr. appears prepared to make sure he is not one of them. This isn’t the first time he has dropped a noticeable number of pounds. Like many, it may not be the last.

From the earliest time many of us can remember seeing him, Guerrero, Jr. was noticeable heftier than his father whose build was big, yet lean, during his best years. At only 23-years-old, Guerrero, Jr. is taking the right and necessary steps to not only become a better athlete but also become more aware of his own health. 261 pounds is a lot of weight for anybody to carry around. And even if you can move fast enough to score 123 runs, you can probably move even quicker when you’re down 22.

What’s also important is that Guerrero, Jr. is happy with where he’s at. And while you can’t fully see his face because of the phone, the tips of his smile are clearly evident in the “after” shot.

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