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D.J. LeMahieu, Yankees clearly upset Trevor Story signed with Red Sox

New York Yankees infielder D.J. LeMahieu was not happy to see his former teammate sign with the Boston Red Sox.

D.J. LeMahieu knows a thing or two about flexibility and playing a different position than you are used to. He was a Gold Glove-winning second baseman with the Colorado Rockies who became a versatile defending infielder for the New York Yankees.

Second base has remained his primary position in New York. However, he has also seen a lot of starts at first base and third base as well. If he had to, he would probably be willing to play an entirely different position if it could help the Yankees become a better ball club.

This is the scenario the Boston Red Sox will have on their own roster this season. Trevor Story, a former Rockies teammate of LeMahieu’s, signed with the Red Sox over the weekend. Despite being a shortstop and Boston employing one of the better ones at the position already in Xander Bogaerts, they are going to make it work. Story will play second base with Bogaerts remaining at shortstop.

D.J. LeMahieu, Trevor Story reunion would have been great for the Yankees

Finding room for Story wasn’t necessarily the issue for the Yankees. They could have done it. And apparently, LeMahieu and teammates of his wish they had. At the very least, they wish Boston had not.

The Yankees were meant to land one of the top free agent shortstops this offseason. Instead, trade acquisition Isaiah Kiner-Falefa will play the position. A great defender with some light-hitting abilities, he’s not at the same level as Story.

D.J. LeMahieu, Yankees teammates are not happy Trevor Story signed with the rival Red Sox

With Story going to biggest rival of the Yankees, many players on the team have been asked about it. D.J. LeMahieu shared his sentiments which are likely the same as many who root for the team in the Bronx.

LeMahieu isn’t the only notable member of the Yankees to display his unhappiness with the deal. Aaron Judge didn’t sound too thrilled to see the Red Sox get better either.

It’s nothing personal against Story. It’s not even a knock against Kiner-Falefa. The Yankees know that the Red Sox just got a little tougher to beat.

Coming out of the MLB lockout, it’s good to see both teams improve themselves to varying degrees. Every sport could use the classic New York vs. Boston rivalry. Fortunately for baseball fans, it all gets started on Opening Day at Yankee Stadium. LeMahieu, Judge, and everyone else in pinstripes won’t have to wait long to see Story across the diamond in the visiting dugout wearing the last uniform they hoped he would.

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