Xander Bogaerts reveals why he recruited Trevor Story to Red Sox

Xander Bogaerts candidly revealed why he recruited Trevor Story to the Boston Red Sox: because he’s interested in winning at all costs. 

Before Trevor Story signed with the Boston Red Sox, there were rumors about why Story might end up on other teams. One reason fans speculated why he may not sign in Boston is because there isn’t an available shortstop position open. The Red Sox already have Xander Bogaerts, so Story (or the incumbent shortstop) had to be open to playing second base.

In the end, Story was willing, and the Red Sox acquired another premier infielder that has the skills to play shortstop if needed.

Even though Story gives the Red Sox options should Bogaerts decide to move on next season, his presence presents an imminent threat to Bogaerts. Should anything happen to Bogaerts this season, Story would likely step in, so having him there in Boston could be a potential threat to Bogaerts’ career.

But Bogaerts has the perfect team-oriented response when it comes to why he went out of his way to recruit Story to the Sox: because he wants to win at all costs.

Xander Bogaerts reveals why he campaigned to sign Trevor Story to the Red Sox

Already, Story is being welcomed by the Boston camp at Spring Training, where he recorded his first flip to Bogaerts on March 23. The two will be working closely together as Boston endeavors to represent the AL East in the postseason this year.

Red Sox president Sam Kennedy believes that Bogaerts will stay in Boston for his entire career, so with Story open to playing second, this could be the beginning of a long, successful era in Boston for the two trained shortstops.

Another recruitment tactic employed by former Will Middlebrooks was to warn Story of how disgusting it is to live in New York and play for the Yankees.

No matter the tactic, current and former Red Sox alike were adamant about recruiting and welcoming Story, and it already seems to have paid off.

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