Alex Anthopoulos: Braves losing Freddie Freeman was saddest day of his career

Atlanta Braves general manager is having a tough time accepting that Freddie Freeman is no longer with the team. 

More and more photos of Freddie Freeman in a Los Angeles Dodgers jersey are being released and it’s breaking countless hearts in Atlanta. Braves fans still can’t believe that Freeman is no longer with the club. That feeling is shared by general manager Alex Anthopoulos.

This week, Anthopoulos opened up about Freeeman’s departure with The Athletic and he was quite emotional about things. Matter of fact, Anthopoulos admitted he’s quite said about things.

Atlanta Braves fans were wishing Freddie Freeman would return in 2022

“It’s a sad day,” Anthopoulos said via The Athletic. “Freddie Freeman is not a Brave. That doesn’t take anything away from Matt Olson. He’s a fantastic player. We’re excited to have him. But Freddie Freeman is no longer a Brave. And anyone that knows him loves the guy. You can’t help that. And you should get emotional.”

As you can see from that powerful quote above, Anthopoulos himself was hoping to get a reunion in place with Freeman this offseason, but that just didn’t happen. Instead, Atlanta pulled off its huge trade to bring in All-Star Matt Olson. For Freeman, he’s headed home to California to suit up for the Dodgers.

Freeman himself is thrilled to be with Los Angeles, but he also revealed that his free agency was a stressful time for him. It wasn’t easy for Freeman not knowing where he’d be playing this upcoming season.

With Opening Day around the corner, Freeman will be focused on trying to help the Dodgers win the World Series, while Olson will be jacked up to help Atlanta repeat. It should be memorable campaigns for the two standouts.

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