Albert Pujols shouldn’t be only Cardinals legend to retire after this season

St. Louis Cardinals fans everywhere are buzzing now that Albert Pujols is back with the club for the 2022 campaign. 

The band is getting back together. With the news that Albert Pujols has signed a new contract with the St. Louis Cardinals, it marks an amazing return for the slugger. Pujols is a fan favorite in St. Louis and people can’t wait to see him and Yadier Molina playing together again.

Both these guys will be headed to Cooperstown down the road, but wouldn’t it be sweet if they entered the Hall of Fame together? That’s exactly what could happen if the two decide to call it a career at the end of the season.

Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina should retire together after 2022

The wide expectation is that this will be the final campaigns for both Pujols and Molina. Pujols is 42 years old and Molina is 39. While the thought of these two playing forever for St. Louis sounds nice, they’re not getting any younger and they’ve certainly lost many steps.

Molina almost didn’t return to the team this season, but the front office was able to get things done. Now, the upcoming campaign has been made even sweeter with Pujols back in the mix after being away for more than 10 years. The two have discussed retiring together before, and now it looks like everything could line up for them the way they planned.

Before the two do call it quits, both Pujols and Molina will be ready to bring the St. Louis faithful much more joy this season. With how stacked St. Louis is talent wise, the Cards could go on a deep postseason run. It’d be special to see, especially for a couple of legends like Pujols and Molina.

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