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Brian Cashman blames Astros for Yankees World Series drought

Brian Cashman points the finger at the Houston Astros as the reason for the New York Yankees’ futility in recent Octobers.

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman blames the Houston Astros for his team’s lack of success in recent postseasons.

The Yankees have not won or been to a World Series since 2009. Though they have had no longer title droughts before, the fact they have not been past the ALCS since the early days of the Barack Obama Administration is a tad concerning. All the while, Houston has been a problem in the Junior Circuit. Rather than take ownership of bad signings made by him, Cashman is pointing the finger.

For a franchise that has won 27 World Series, Cashman seems more concerned about playing horseshoes and hand grenades than figuring out how to win in spite of whatever Houston does.

Brian Cashman actually blames the Houston Astros for New York Yankees issues

Since the Astros’ rise to prominence in the 2017 MLB season, Houston has played in all five ALCS. They have won the AL pennant thrice, winning it all in 2017. Yes, they captured their only World Series title to date by cheating, but every team in any sport is always looking for an edge. Houston was the biggest team that got caught. It may stink for the Yankees, but they need to get over this.

Just because Houston has been dynastic in the AL does not mean the Astros are winning one World Series after another. Since Houston raise its first World Series championship banner, three National League teams have won it all in succession: The 2019 Washington Nationals, the 2020 Los Angeles Dodgers and the 2021 Atlanta Braves. Even the rival 2018 Boston Red Sox won it all.

There is a direct correlation to the Yankees struggling in the postseason and the death of long-time owner George Steinbrenner over a decade ago. He demanded winning out of his team. Though his offspring may like baseball, they do not love it like he did. All the while, Cashman has overpaid and traded for one redundancy after another to build a roster that cannot really compete.

The Yankees are no longer the Yankees, as the Astros have embodied some of what they used to be.

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