MLB rumors: Cubs trading for Eric Hosmer isn’t an easy fit

The Chicago Cubs were reportedly involved in Eric Hosmer trade talks at first, but the Mets have emerged as favorites. Here’s why that’s a good thing.

Could the Cubs use a veteran first baseman? Sure, why not. Should that veteran first baseman come with an enormous price tag? Uh, hard pass.

Hosmer has four years and $59 million left on his contract. That is a deal the Cubs would normally shy away from, making it all the more confusing why they’re in on a player of Hosmer’s deteriorating stature considering the amount of spending they’ve already done this offseason.

I am by no means against owners spending money, but considering the budget the Ricketts’ family is rumored to have allocated to the Cubs (not nearly enough), adding Hosmer to the payroll could limit future moves. Unless the Padres are willing to pay the majority of his remaining salary, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Should Cubs trade for Eric Hosmer?

The alternative to this argument, of course, is that the Padres could add in young pieces to make a deal more attractive for the Cubs. Chicago could use some young pitching, as pointed out by Cubbies Crib’s Jake Misener:

“As for the Cubs, I’d love to see them step it up here and make a late push – but it’s hard to see them overpowering the win-now Mets. In an ideal world, Chicago would center something around young, controllable pitching (Paddack, for example) as a piece coming back in a deal given the tremendous uncertainty in the rotation right now.”

Obviously, acquiring other young players along with Hosmer would be the Cubs’ goal. The Mets are speaking in similar terms as well, though they have a decisive edge in financial means due to Steve Cohen being the richest owner in baseball.

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