MLB’s latest pitching experiment could change everything

MLB’s latest pitching experiment could change everything.

A new electronic system for calling pitches could change the way the game of baseball is played at the highest level and it’s pretty exciting.

According to the Associated Press, the MLB is “stepping up its experimentation with an electronic communication channel for pitchers and catchers” with some new, innovative technology.

The PitchCom system is already being used over at Low-A West and the “big league clubs are tinkering with the technology during spring training” the outlet reported.

“Very much in favor. I think it speeds the game up,” said Tony La Russa, manager of the Chicago White Sox. “Wondering, hoping they make it official. But our experience has been a good one.”

Several MLB teams have already tested the PitchCom system, to great reviews

This technology could be seen in the majors this year but it will probably be tested through Double-A this summer first.

According to the AP, the system works like this: “The catcher wears a wristband with nine buttons for calling the pitch and location. There is a receiver in the pitcher’s cap, and another one in the catcher’s helmet.”

How cool is that?

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone says he tried to out when Luis Severino was on the mound and Kyle Higashioka was behind the plate.

“We sprung it on Sevie at 12:15 before he was going out. He was game for it but we sprung it on him, no hiccups. No problems, and that’s our first game doing it, so that’s good thing. Hopefully it’s something that we can get better at doing,” Boone said.

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Bruce Zimmermann also tried out the PitchCom system and had only good things to say.

“It was not as awkward as I thought it was going to be, and actually I think it’s really nice because you can speed up the game at your own will,” Zimmermann said.

Only time will tell how quickly this technology will become the norm and how it could improve the game.

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