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Watch: Ozzie Albies encourages mic’d up Joey Votto to get a diamond tooth

Cincinnati Reds’ Joey Votto got some good fashion advice from Atlanta Braves’ Ozzie Albies.

The ESPN crew had Cincinnati Reds‘ first baseman Joey Votto mic’d up during their telecast of the Reds game against the World Series Champion Atlanta Braves.

Braves second baseman Ozzie Albies reaches first base and Votto chats him up in his usual friendly way.

Votto inquires what Albies thinks of him getting a diamond tooth. Albies thinks this is a solid fashion choice and responds that Votto should “Go for it!”

Votto responded with a questioning affirmation, and Albies confirmed once more that Votto should go for it. “Get it, bro!” Albies said.

Albies laughed it off as Votto explained that the television crew told him he should check with Albies about the diamond tooth situation. “I told them no, he’s too young,” Votto said. “I’m in a mid-life crisis.”

Joey Votto should be mic’d up for every game after Ozzie Albies conversation

Joey Votto is an absolute treasure.

And Twitter agrees!

One Twitter user was in the dark until tonight about the wonder of Joey Votto.

Hopefully, Votto will take to his new TikTok page to delve more into the diamond tooth decision. If not, Votto is a treat during in-game interviews and fun times. It was Opening Day and Votto was all about having fun.

The Reds defeated the Braves, 6-3, on Opening Night. Votto had a single in the third inning to score Jonathan India.

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