New York Mets, Washington Nationals

Mets-Nationals clear benches after Francisco Lindor hit in face with pitch (Video)

The New York Mets and Washington Nationals are getting heated as multiple players have been hit by pitches in just two games.

The MLB season just started and we’ve already got bases being cleared. The New York Mets, apparently not fans of being hit by pitches, cleared their benches after yet another batter was hit by a pitch.

This time it was Francisco Lindor, who was hit in the face.

Friday evening, in the fourth inning of the game between the Mets and the Washington Nationals, Lindor was unfortunately hit with a pitch. And because of where he was hit and the way several other batters were plunked, seemingly everyone from the Mets organization made their way right out onto the field.

Just take a look at EVERYONE leaving that dugout.

Mets manager Buck Showalter is a pretty old school type of guy and he’s the first to lead his team onto the field.

New York Mets clear benches after fourth player hit by pitch in 14 innings vs. Washington Nationals

Thursday evening, Pete Alonso was also hit with a pitch. Unfortunately, he, like Lindor, ended up getting hit in the head. At the moment, he looks like he’ll be okay, but still, this whole deal isn’t any good.

This situation is less than ideal for a multitude of reasons. Guys hitting in the head with a pitch is something that should probably be avoided. If the Nationals could refrain from that, then maybe the benches wouldn’t have been cleared.

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