Freddie Freeman’s Dodger Stadium debut couldn’t have been more LA

Freddie Freeman made his Dodger Stadium debut on Thursday night, and it was uniquely Los Angeles in every way.

Freeman returned home to Los Angeles this offseason, despite playing his entire career to that point with the Atlanta Braves. It was a very public breakup with the ATL — one that Freeman surely wishes was handled a little better — but it’s done now.

On Thursday night, Freeman made his Dodger Stadium debut, and it was uniquely LA in the best and worst of ways. First, Freeman received a Dodger Stadium welcome usually reserved for Hollywood’s greatest stars.

You could tell the standing ovation was near and dear to Freeman’s heart, and he showed his appreciation at first base.

In a 9-3 win over the Reds, Freeman went 2-for-5 in the two-hole for Dave Roberts’ bunch. Afterward, he spoke about what it means for him to wear LA colors, considering he’s from the area. Freeman even made a joke about the traffic.

Two hours? Now you’re being generous.

Freddie Freeman makes Dodger Stadium debut

Freeman talked about the standing ovation he received from Dodgers fans after the game. It was a true homecoming moment for the California kid.

“That’s as special as it gets right there,” Freeman said. “You have those feelings before, coming out on the line for the intros, but usually once the game starts those feelings go away. For the fans to be able to create a moment for me in the eighth inning is something I’ll never forget.”

Considering how loaded this Dodgers team is, it won’t be the last standing ovation Freeman gets this season.

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