Byron Buxton injury update: Twins give sigh of relief

Minnesota Twins outfielder Byron Buxton will not miss significant time after all, despite an awkward slide into second base.

Buxton hasn’t played in 140 games since 2017, and that number is being generous. The outfielder — whom the Twins extended this past offseason — has constantly dealt with injury issues.

To say a man is made of glass may sound harsh, but Buxton is as close as they come. That’s why when he went down on an awkward slide into second base against the Boston Red Sox, fans assumed the worst. Buxton was visibly frustrated, slapping the dirt before being forced out of the game.

Yet, fans can breathe easy. Buxton will have to miss some time, yes, but an MRI revealed no structural damage, meaning he will not be out long-term, per Ken Rosenthal.

Byron Buxton injury update

Rocco Baldelli was initially hopeful about Buxton’s injury, stating that the star outfielder was up on his feet, which is generally a good sign for a player diagnosed with knee soreness.

“He was on his feet,” Baldelli said. “He was walking around, so that’s probably the extent of what I know. We’re going to learn a lot more today and going forward. I wish I had more to give you, but right now, I don’t.”

As it turns out, Buxton was removed as more of a precaution, and may be placed on the injured list in similar fashion. A week off for an oft-injured player like Buxton can do him some good, rather than rushing him back in April.

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