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Kris Bryant on time with Cubs: ‘That chapter will never close’

Kris Bryant knows he’ll always be connected with the Chicago Cubs, especially after he won a World Series in 2016.

Bryant’s Cubs won the franchise’s first World Series in 108 years — that’s the sort of team that’s remembered forever. While he wears different colors now, KB understands that he’ll always be welcome on the North Side of Chicago.

That chapter will never fully close, even after his playing days are over. Bryant is a Cub, first and foremost, regardless of what he achieves with the Colorado Rockies and beyond.

“I enjoyed my time in Chicago, but I don’t know if it warrants a press conference every time I play them,” Bryant said, per the Chicago Tribune. “I don’t know if that chapter will ever close until I’m done playing baseball because I rely on a lot of what I went through there to make me who I am now and help me in the future with the guys here.”

Chicago Cubs: Could Kris Bryant eventually return?

Bryant’s seven-year, $182 million contract has a full no-trade clause. In return, though, there are no player opt-outs. So if the Rockies want Bryant to play in Colorado until his age-36 season, then he’s stuck there.

But if these Rockies continue to struggle for years to come, they may be so inclined as to try and dump Bryant’s contract, which may not look kind after his age-30 campaign.

KB didn’t specifically address a potential Chicago return, but one comment in particular left the door wide open:

“I’m not ever going to close that chapter because I had a lot of fun there.”

And there you have it. If the opportunity presents itself, perhaps later in his career, then yes, Bryant could rejoin the North Side of Chicago squad. But until then, fans must get used to him playing in purple and black.

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