Aaron Boone continues to ignore Yankees offensive problems

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone can’t pretend his team’s offensive woes don’t exist. He must make the appropriate changes.

An off day couldn’t come at a better time for New York, which has started the season a pedestrian 5-5, and without many breaks. The Yankees need time to reflect, and that goes double for Aaron Boone, who must do more than sit on his hands. Losing to Baltimore won’t cut it this season.

Regardless of what the front office and analytics department is telling Boone, to continue to trust this Yankees lineup as currently constructed shows a stunning lack of urgency. Even just ten games into the season, the time is now to tinker.

Figure out your best lineup — who New York can truly count on — and construct the lineup as that data tells you.

Aaron Boone wants Yankees to stay the course

Instead, Boone says it’s took early to make any major adjustments.

“I am confident in this offense that we’ll be what we should be.”

If ‘what it should be’ is to underperform in the Wild Card Game, or to lose two out of three in Baltimore, or to fail to score over four runs in eight of the team’s first ten games, then that’s not good enough.

Despite failing to make necessary changes this offseason, New York’s lineup should surely be better if constructed correctly. The sheer power alone from some of their big boppers is enough to provide an engine for a team that desperately needs some gas.

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